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Susan Simpson
President, League of Women Voters of Wyoming

General Election 2020

Voter Guide is up! Our Guide can be found on this link. Recordings of candidate forums are on the Elections and Government page along with the Voter Guide.

Wyoming Legislature 2020

See our Legislative Reports on the Elections and Government page.

Voting Methods

See the Elections and Government page for a video of our presentation. We will consider a concurrence with others leagues on improving voting processes at Convention 2020.

Wyoming Women's Suffrage Day December 10, 2019

Joint Resolution of the Wyoming Legislature

Governor Mark Gordon is surrounded by women members of the 65th Wyoming Legislature as he signs the resolution. Photo by Kelley Pelissier

With members of the Wyoming League of Women Voters in attendance February 13, 2019, Gov. Mark Gordon signed the first piece of legislation of the 2019 legislative session, Senate Joint Resolution No. SJ003, Wyoming Women's Suffrage Day.

The resolution, sponsored by all 13 women in the 65th Legislature and two male legislators, designated Wyoming Women's Suffrage Day, December 10, 2019, to honor the 150th anniversary of Wyoming acknowledging and affirming women's inherent right to vote and to hold office.
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State Convention

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming will hold its 2021 convention in Cheyenne at a date to be determined. (For members, the 2020 Convention Book is available on the private website.)

Making Democracy Work Award

The League of Women Voters of Wyoming honors those who support and foster good government. See our award winners on the Making Democracy Work page.

A winner has been selected for 2019 and will be recognized at an event in Cheyenne once COVID restrictions lessen. Watch this space for more information. Congratulations to our winner!

Commemorating the first Government to Grant the Vote to Women

We are commemorating the 150th anniversaries of the female suffrage and the first vote by a woman in 2019 and 2020. The League of Women Voters of Wyoming is a member of the Governor's Council for the Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebration. See our website at wyowomensvote150.wyominglwv.org.


Although the League of Women Voters does not support candidates or parties, we take positions on issues after we study them. See positions relating to voting and good government on the Elections and Government page, and other positions on the Issues page.